#373- Ultra Low Deluxe Leuko Reduction Stand 20 hook


#373Our Ultra Low Deluxe Leuko Stand features:

  • With pole height set at 76 3/4”, tray to hook measures an optimal 72”, improves technician accessibility and allows passage through a typical freezer doorway   without having to adjust pole height.
  • Features our exclusive Squeeze Release with backup safety locking knob to assure secure and easy height adjustments.
  • Adjustable security collar provides additional assurance against unintentional slippage of the upper pole
  • Soft and quiet 3” Neoprene casters make moving stands through doorways and elevators easier.
  • 24” diameter, 5 leg, solid steel low center of gravity base is built to hold the weight typical for a stand of this capacity. Base has a tough powder coat finish.
  • 5” diameter pentagonal aluminum tray come standard with our 20 hook vinyl coated top.
  • 1” diameter x 3/4” diameter stainless steel telescoping pole. Height adjustable from 55 1/2” to 98 1/2”.
  • #373 ships in 1 box (25”x 23”x 25 1/2, 67 lbs) and 1 tube (2 /14”x 54”, 6 lbs).