Features & Benefits

Why Choose I.V. League Medical?

  1. A Responsive, Customer Driven Organization Dedicated to Serving You

    We’ve built and conduct our business on one simple premise: We do what we say we will do, when we say we will do it, the way we say we will do it. Period.

  2. Low, Manufacturer Direct Pricing

    We sell manufacturer direct because it allows us to more effectively build a one on one relationship with our customers with no miscommunication or interference from an unnecessary third party. As a result, you enjoy our best pricing and open communications with the production plant.

  3. Custom Manufacturing Available to Meet Your Needs

    We work with our customers to maximize the functionality of our products in their environment. Often a minor customization of an existing product can provide your organization with substantial additional benefits and cost savings. We welcome the opportunity to tailor our products to meet all your needs. We offer no-charge quotations and encourage you to contact us to discuss how we can help.

  4. Superior Products

    All of our products are made of the highest quality materials, and with a few exceptions, manufactured in our facility right here in the USA. We have a reputation for superior quality and outstanding value.

  5. Unique Features

    We continuously strive to improve everything we produce. This dedication has lead to a host of unique features, three examples of which are highlighted below.

    Squeeze Release (easier & faster adjustments)

    #4000-WITH-SQUEEZE-RELEASE-002-newThis quick and easy to operate spring action squeeze release comes standard on many of our poles. Simply squeeze and slide pole to desired height. Back-up safety locking knob is incorporated into the design.

    Non-Stain Base (GFF™ Finish) (easier & faster cleanups, increased durability & longer product life)

    #2501 New Base and Heavy Duty Casters 2Our patented method of application results in a clear finish that resists most elements found in hospitals (saline solutions, disinfectants, etc.) and is standard on many of our bases.

    Easy to Grip Locking Knobs (tightens securely & easily)

    Knob for Features & Benefits pageComfortable, ergonomically designed knobs used throughout our product line are manufactured to our exacting specifications and include a tough nylon tip to help prevent scarring the pole.