About Us

For over 30 years, I.V. League Medical has been known for excellence and value in American made I.V. support systems, rolling stands and related products. Legendary customer service, unrivaled quality, unparalleled value, and patient safety have been our hallmarks since the beginning.

Today, I.V. League Medical continues its manufacturing heritage with thoughtful and deliberate design elements that add value without being cost prohibitive and are incorporated throughout our spectrum of products. Bases with easy to clean top surfaces, easy to grip locking knobs, quiet and durable casters and our exclusive Squeeze Release pole height adjustment mechanism are excellent examples. We offer numerous stock products as well as custom manufacturing capabilities to meet the needs of the medical community worldwide.

Unlike our competitors, being the manufacturer as opposed to an importer or repackager allows us total flexibility over the production process which translates into more options for our customers. By offering only well-made products that perform as promised, not throw-away products like many of those currently in the market, we spare you the time, expense and frustration of replacing lesser quality items. This means an I.V. League Medical product is a better investment in the long run. Should the need arise, repair/replacement components are readily available.

We are responsive, we are in sync with our customers’ needs, we can customize and we produce goods that meet or exceed our customers’ standards for quality and safety.